After The Break by Andrea Joan ~ Live & Review

After The Break by Andrea Joan ~ Live & ReviewAfter The Break by Andrea Joan
ISBN: 9780998263700
on January 10th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Dark, Sport
Pages: 381
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Ten years I trained to be the best boxer there is. I had fighters blood pumping through my veins and I was a lethal opponent. One to be feared. Twelve years I spent with my first love, we were childhood sweethearts and I was ready to make her my wife. My brother would have been my best man, his wife would have been her maid of honor. 11 minutes 13 seconds. That was all the time it took to rip my fucking world apart.
I. Am. Broken.
And not the kind of broken that can be fucking fixed. Ever. I will always be imprisoned in a darkness I can never fully escape from. Infected with a disease that can never be cured. Rage. Every fucking day I struggle to survive. I've not felt alive until now. Until her. Skylar fucking Barrett. She is an actress, a millionaire, every man’s wet dream. On the surface she has everything; wants for nothing. But I see what lies beneath her facade. She walks a fine line between the dark and the light. She’s a sinner and a savior. And she has chosen me. She needs my protection and I. Need. Her.I know I can protect her. I know I can destroy her. She is my redemption. My destruction. But she is mine. Even if it ruins us both.

“She’s the saint and sinner, the devil and the angel, the savior and the one in need of saving.”



I’m so glad I got to review this one early. Andrea has a lot of talent and this book proves that. This story draws you in, wrecks you and then puts you back together again. I love that Andrea didn’t just TELL you what they were feeling, she SHOWED you. That is talent right there and that is what Andrea has is spades. This is her debut book people. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

I love slow burn romance books. The build up, the suspense, the ANGST! Gahhh I can’t get enough of it. The story had great flow and the characters were well-developed. I just loved the banter between Liam and Skyler. Liam was an alpha who had his flaws and has to work through them. Skyler has a good life on the outside but in reality it’s nowhere near perfect. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and is so intense that you know it’s either going to destroy them or bring them together forever.

This story is one you can’t put down. It’s one that you will finish and think about for days. Great job Andrea and thank you so much for letting me read it early.




“Apart we were always strong we just couldn’t recognize it. But together, together we are fucking lethal.”


About Andrea Joan

Once upon a time, in my innocent youth I had a dream of being a figure skater.
Mostly because I loved the outfits and the smell of the ice.
Then, one day, I fell flat on my ass and those dreams
disappeared quickly…because…ouch.

After that my dreams progressed with my age; there was the police officer,
the actress, the fed, the Burlesque Club owner, the spy, the therapist, the dragon hunter.
I learned everything I could about every profession I was interested in (yes even the dragon hunter).
Then I came to a realization; I blame all my obscure professional dreams on the fact that I
was such an avid reader. I devoured books like crazy & after each one I was enthralled. I just wanted to live in the stories, become the characters. And that is when I knew. I was meant to be an author. I was born to create the stories I so badly wanted to be a part of. So here I am today, making all my dreams come true through my writing and hopefully you, the reader, enjoy reading them as much as

I enjoyed writing them! Stay tuned for my debut novel After The Break. Coming at you January 10th, 2017!

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