Amore: Part 2 by Bella Jewel ~ Review

Also in this series: Amore Part 1
Amore: Part 2 by Bella Jewel ~ ReviewAlso by this author: Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation, #3)
Amore: Part 2 by Bella Jewel
Published by Indie on October 24, 2016
Genres: Mafia, Romance
Pages: 137
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He told me to run. So I ran.
It turns out just because you run from something, doesn’t mean it can’t find you.
He’s coming for me.
He wants what I hold closest.
He wants to lie, manipulate and use me.
He wants me to betray him.
Leader of the Italian Mafia.
Love of my life.
Father of my child.
He’s going to make me do the unthinkable.
There is no way out.
I’m trapped and about to make the biggest mistake of my life.
I’m running full throttle towards an oncoming train, and there isn’t a single thing I can do to stop it.
I’m going to become what I was most afraid of.
A monster.



Well, here we are again. The second part to Amore. The first part left us in a pretty big cliffhanger so I was certainly dying to get my hands on this one so I knew what was going to happen. I don’t want to give any spoilers from Part 1 so this review might just be a little vague.

When we first meet this couple, Julietta happens to run into Rafael at his club. While she knows the club that she is at is owned by an Italian Mafia Boss, she has no idea that the man she meets and can’t take her eyes off of is actually the BOSS. Their relationship after that is a whirlwind. It is easy to tell that the two of them love each other but Rafael’s most important rule is for Julietta to never fall in love with him. She does and things spiral. Then we get hit with a major cliffy.

OK, now that I recapped that slightly, Part 2 picks up about 9 months after Julietta tells Rafael that she loves him. They have not been together and Julietta’s life has turned into pure chaos. She now has a new reason for living and her priorities have shifted. Unfortunately someone is ready to double cross Rafael and is using Julietta as a pawn in order to get what they want. I don’t want to say much more beyond that. There are certainly some twists that you won’t see coming and a great surprise from some characters of another series that Bella writes about that has me itching now to go back and read all about them again.

I just love Julietta. She’s so strong. Especially in this book. She really shows just how strong she is and how much her love and protection will actually go. Even when she is facing the toughest situations, she remains strong and never lets the fight go out of her.

Rafael. Oh Rafael. In this book we get to see just how much he actually cares for Julietta. We still get a bit of the demanding alpha that he’s always been but you can tell that Julietta has gotten under his skin and tore down the walls built around his heart. The struggle he has throughout this book is tough and heartbreaking but it’s great to see how much love he can actually have.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Julietta. You could be a hundred pounds heavier than you were when you left me and I’d still think that.”

I also enjoyed how much of a role that Celia, Julietta’s best friend, and Vincent, Rafael’s brother played in it. You can tell that there is something between the two of them and I loved Celia’s fight that she had in him. I hope we get their story!

Overall, I really enjoyed Rafael and Julietta’s story. If you looking for a different side on a Mafia romance that is full of twists and turns, then this is the series for you.




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Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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