Blaire by Anita Gray ~ Review

Blaire by Anita Gray ~ ReviewBlaire by Anita Gray
ISBN: 1326884697
Series: Blaire - Dark Romance Series
on December 6th 2016
Genres: Dark, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 498
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For readers who love Dark Contemporary Romance with Action, welcome to the zone where nothing else matters. Bought. Conditioned. My name is Blaire. I'm head of security to a man who controls the Russian underworld in Europe. His name is Maksim and he's my master. He bought me ten years ago and conditioned me with brutality to worship and protect him. And I have protected him. I've slain everyone who has tried to do him harm. Everyone but a man he loans me to; a man who threatens to break me and everything I believe in. You're going to need a strong stomach and a strong heart to follow my story, because take my word for it, it's no fairy tale. Blaire, part 2, will be available in 2018

“He looks me right in the eyes now, causing mine to water. “If you ever need me, no matter the reason why—no matter what time of day it is—call me, and I’ll come.” I can’t even nod at him. I’m cold to the bone.”



The sign up for Blai2e showed up in my FB newsfeed a couple of weeks ago. I have never heard of this author before but when I saw it was a dark romance I checked these books out on GR and Amazon. I love dark romance and I’m always looking for new authors to read.

This one started out a bit slow for me but after a few chapters I was pretty interested in seeing where it goes. I think the thing that kept me interested the most was Charlie. I could tell he was up to something and I wanted to find out. I liked Blaire and the story around why she stayed but Charlie’s interactions with her were my favorite part of the book. My heart broke in a few scenes towards the end of the book. It was almost too much and I loved that Anita was able to draw that kinda emotion out of me as the reader.

I like that we got to see the unfolding of the time spent between Blaire and Charlie and how he was able to connect with her. There was a few times where I felt like we were not getting anywhere with the story and it felt like it moved so slow but when you think about it, we needed those scenes. I don’t think this story could work any other when then how it unfolded. You wouldn’t be as invested in the story as I am now if we didn’t see how Charlie got through to her and how she got to him in return.

I am very interested in getting my hands on the second book. When I see how long it’s been since this one released and the next one comes out, I feel for the readers that have waited that long. That ending was tough and I only have to wait a few weeks for the second one. You guys have my sympathy for waiting that long. At the end of this one it shows 3 books but on Goodreads it only shows 2. I’m not sure if it’s changed and it will only be 2 books or it is still 3. I can’t see how this will be extended for 3 books but I’m interested in finding out.

If you like dark romance stories then try this one a try. The story is a bit different and the writing is good. There are a few language things that are a bit confusing to anyone English-speaking but she explains that all in the beginning of the book.


“Don’t be frightened,” Charlie whispers, cupping my face with his free hand, “I’m not gonna hurt you.”
“Liar,” I snap like a child, and he stands back, releasing me from the power of his body. “You just admitted that you’re going to do terrible things to me.”

About Anita Gray

Anita Gray is the Amazon Bestselling Author of BLAIRE & There’s Something about BLAIRE. Since publishing BLAIRE in December 2016, Anita has earned awards for #1 Best UK Author, #1 Best Psychological Romance, and #1 Best BDSM. Anita came 3rd place to TM Frazier and Pepper Winters for Favourite Dark Romance Author, an award she holds in high esteem as both authors are favourites of hers. Anita was also nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2017 for Best Romance.

Anita in a nutshell: she’s obsessed with The Walking Dead and The Originals, loves books of all genres, tolerates rock music, and hates TV without meaning. She thanks her readers and fellow bloggers – who she adores beyond words – for supporting her throughout her journey. She admits she couldn’t live without her family, the beating heart to her life.

You can find and interact with Anita on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She’s always online–no joke–come keep her company.

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