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Cruel Prince by A. Jade ~ Live & ReviewAlso by this author: The Devil
Cruel Prince by Ashley Jade
ASIN: B07TKW6259
Series: Royal Hearts Academy #1
on August 20th, 2019
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Coming of Age
Pages: 401
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Welcome to their kingdom...

I never thought I'd step foot in Royal Manor again. But five years later, here I am...back to finish my senior year at Royal Hearts Academy.

And forced to face Jace Covington. My first friend. First crush. First kiss. The one I left behind.

Only—he isn't the same boy I gave my heart to.

This new Jace is as cruel as he is gorgeous. And he's determined to make my life a living hell. Along with the rest of his glorified family and crew of tyrants.

They expect me to worship the ground they walk on like everyone else, but I'd rather eat dirt.

If Jace Covington wants me gone...he'll have to try harder. Because I've never been the kind of girl to play by the rules.

WARNING: Royal Hearts Academy is a New Adult/High School series of standalones filled with drama, a touch of angst, and boys who are bad to the bone. This series is recommended for mature readers due to graphic language and sexual content.



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“Is that why you wore this sexy little shirt tonight?” His warm breath tickles the side of my neck. “Hoping to get my attention.”


That earns me a husky chuckle. “Too bad.” He presses his lips against my throat. “Because it’s working. You have all my attention.” He walks his fingers down my torso. “Question is…what are you going to do with it?”





I discovered Ashley Jade back in December when I read The Devil after hunting on Amazon for something to read. I was blown away by that book. I’ve been a fan since then, and have read her back list of books. I feel like this book is something new from her. It isn’t anything like the rest of her books, but then again, it has her amazing talent all over it. She has this flawless way of telling a story, weaving her words to make you engrossed by her book from beginning to end.

“I guess my broken pieces missed yours as much as I missed you.” 

This is so much more than a YA book about a group of kids from the same academy. There are layers upon layers, and you don’t even see some of them coming till they hit you.

The witty dialogue, the love-hate match between Dylan and Jace, the turbulent story, and the flat-out amazing writing. It’s everything I love and nothing I hate. I couldn’t put this down yesterday, and I’m not even sorry for being tired today. IT.WAS.WORTH.IT.

Cole scowls. “Walk much?”
“Yes, I walk with my Lord and Savior daily,” the girl deadpans as she fixes her glasses.
My brother opens his mouth then clamps it shut, looking visibly uncomfortable.  The girl gives him a saccharine smile.
“But he’s on a break right now. Therefore, eat shit and get crabs, Covington.” 
“Jesus. She’s annoying,” Cole grits after she stalks off.
“Careful,” Oak mocks. “Her Lord and Savior might hear you.” Cole flips him the bird before he ducks inside a classroom. 

Ok, that right there is some of the funniest shit I’ve read in awhile. Perfect example of how on point the humor was sprinkled in this book.

“I swear half the world’s problems would be solved if people would just learn to communicate—”

From your lips to his ears…Amen sista *fist bumps*

“Unless you’re feeding or fucking me, I don’t owe you shit.” 


I can’t recommend this book enough. Do not miss it. Do Not Pass GO. You won’t be sorry, and you won’t be able to put it down.



About Ashley Jade

Ashley Jade craves tackling different genres and tropes within romance. Her first loves are New Adult Romance and Romantic Suspense, but she also writes everything in between including: contemporary romance, erotica, and dark romance.
Her characters are flawed and complex, and chances are you will hate them before you fall head over heels in love with them.
She’s a die-hard lover of oxford commas, em dashes, music, coffee, and anything thought provoking…except for math.
Books make her heart beat faster and writing makes her soul come alive. She’s always read books growing up and scribbled stories in her journal, and after having a strange dream one night; she decided to just go for it and publish her first series.
It was the best decision she ever made.

If she’s not paying off student loan debt, working, or writing a novel–you can usually find her listening to music, hanging out with her readers online, and pondering the meaning of life.

Check out her amazon page and Facebook page for future novels.
She recently became hip and joined Twitter, so you can find her there, too.

She loves connecting with her readers–they make her world go ’round.

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