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Here is a list of the books I loved, my top book boyfriends and then my recommended reading list! I hope you find something you like.
My favorite type of books are dark romance books with bad boys that are anti-heroes, cocky, alpha men that don’t turn in to softies when they fall in love. Well that, and basically anything that pushes you to sit outside your comfort zone. I have a little bit of everything in these list though.
I update this page frequently so check back often!
Heather P.


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I love book playlists! Sometimes I make my own, and sometimes I follow the author’s list. 


I post reviews on here as well as Goodreads.


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Must Read List:

The ones I’ll always revisit, the ones I’ll still recommend first and the ones that I will never forget. (Listed by author & in no particular order)


Top Book Boyfriends:

The guys that made my heart flutter and swoon more than anyone else. The ones I’ll never forget and the ones that I will always revisit. They are listed as I find them, and in no other order than that. 


Other Books I recommend:

The ones I’ve read and rated 4 stars or higher. I loved these books and recommend them often. They are listed by author, in alphabetical order. 


If it has series listed, I have linked you to the first book, but I enjoyed every book.



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