It’s been a while….COVID sucks.

So, HC and I haven’t really been that active the past year. I’ve tried to keep up on things as best I could, and she’s just working a lot lately. We’ve been going through things just like everyone else, and our blog has suffered for it. I’m slowly trying to get back into things now that I’m (hopefully) going to have a much better schedule. 

Here’s what I have been reading lately. I haven’t done many new release/ARC reads because I didn’t want the commitment of that, but I have been reading! It took me awhile to actually be able to sit down and read something. I’ve never had a book funk last as long as the one I had this past year did. I think now that my schedule is better and my health is improving that will change. I’m listing below everything I’ve read the past year that I think you should pick up and read yourself. 



Recent books that I’ve enjoyed:

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