Our Top Reads Of 2017

We’ve put together our top 20 books of 2017 for you!!!

We read 150 – 200 books a year so narrowing it down to 20 is a bit rough sometimes. Check out each our lists below and we hope you find something you love as much as we loved these books. These are in no particular order we love them all the same. We have also included our reading goals for 2018. Enjoy!!



Heather P’s Top 20

My Goal – I had a pretty hectic year personally so I did not venture out much with new to me authors or newer authors. I like giving those a try and finding someone new to follow. My goal for the year is to try newer authors and/or new to me authors along with hitting at least 150 books read again for the year. Also, I would like to read more paranormal books in 2018. I really love those and I hardly read any this past year.


Heather C’s Top 20


My Goal – I feel like I did a pretty good job of trying out new authors this year and I’d like to continue that trend. I’ve found some great people this year that have given me some suggested books to read and one of them is in my Top 20! I want to take more of a chance on suggestions because I know I’ve been missing out on some great reads. I also want to read some more suspense/thrillers. There were some really good ones out there this year and I want to make it a point to read more of that genre.

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