Heat Wave by Karina Halle ~ Cover Reveal

  We are very excited to bring you the cover for the upcoming standalone novel HEAT WAVE from NEW YORK TIME Bestselling Author Karina Halle. HEAT WAVE is a new alluring forbidden romance you do not want to miss releasing on November 3rd.        

The Southern Gentleman by Sweden Reese ~ Live & Review & Giveaway!

Today we have the blog tour of The Southern Gentleman by Sweden Reese! Check it out and grab your copies of this sexy new series today!     Review The Southern Gentleman books are Sweden Reese’s debut novels and what a way to come into this community. These books have the perfect mix of a […]

Retrieval by Aly Martinez ~ Live & Review

  Review Aly Martinez is quickly becoming one of my must read authors. I have been devouring everything that she has been putting out lately and Retrieval is no exception. This book is the first book in The Retrieval Duet and plays into the second book. It is going to be a little difficult writing […]

The Trouble With Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis ~ Excerpt

  From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes a captivating story of love, second chances and new beginnings… We are thrilled to bring you this excerpt from Jill Shalvis’s upcoming release, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE! This second standalone novel in The Heartbreaker Bay Series is releasing September 27th! Don’t miss the excerpt below, […]

Behind Close Doors by J.L. Berg ~ Live & Review

    Excerpt “Can I ask you something?” she said, drawing my attention away from the monotony on my computer screen. I looked up to find her eyes dead set on mine. It was unnerving. She usually tried to avoid direct eye contact with me. Maybe I intimidated her. Perhaps she found me attractive and […]

Entrapment by Aleatha Romig ~ Live & Review & Excerpt

  Excerpt DETONATIONS OF RED. Flashes of white. Explosions—visible to only me—momentarily hindered my vision. Blinking, I tried to make sense of Deloris’s text message. “ALEX GOT INTO A CAR WITH ALTON FITZGERALD. WE ARE FOLLOWING.” Though the plane ascended higher and higher, my heart fell to an abyss, the place where my stomach used […]

Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci ~ Live & Review

    Review This is a fabulous book by two wonderful ladies. Their “voices” blended together perfectly and I devoured this book. It’s cute, light hearted and witty. It’s full of the stuff that make 2nd chance romances as popular as they are. I loved Avery and how strong she was through out this whole […]

The Bear Who Loved Me by Kathy Lyons ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

  Review I haven’t read a lot of shifter books but I’ve read some and really enjoyed them. So I was excited to jump into The Bear Who Loved Me. This is also my first book my Kathy Lyons. Becca Weitz has been raising her nephew for a while now and the two of them […]

Playbook by Kelly Elliot ~ Review

  Excerpt Reaching into my brief case, I took out my notebook that I had already filled with research on Brett and the university college program. I flipped through the endless pages of notes until I found a blank page. “So, I’m assuming since it’s spring training, I’ll be granted full access to the stadium.” […]

Tracing Holland by Alyson Santos ~ Live & Review

  “So this is it. The comeback I never saw coming. The comeback no one believed…..Stolen history for a man who’d given up.”   Review If you haven’t read my review for the first book Night Shifts Black, then where have you been LOL. I absolutely love these books. Alyson’s writing is refreshing and captivating. The […]