Defenseless by Corinne Michaels ~ Excerpt Reveal

Excerpt #1 Chapter One Defenseless by Corinne Michaels Copyright © 2016 Corinne Michaels All rights reserved. Chapter 1 Mark “Everyone locked and loaded?” Liam Dempsey draws our attention. There’s a part of me that wants to slap him, but then I remember: I’m the guest. It would probably be frowned upon. “Ready,” Jackson says and […]

Inked On Paper by Nicole Edwards ~ Excerpt & Pre Order

  Nicole Edwards has her second ever STAND-ALONE ready for PRE-ORDER! Book: Inked on Paper Author: Nicole Edwards Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited (Self Published) Release date: January 12, 2016 Genre: Contemporary Romance M/F ( I know, right! Who knew!!) Available for Pre-Order now! Amazon / iBooks / Kobo / B&N Nicole’s Website Chapter One… What happens when you don’t know what comes next? Jacob Wild has had a lucrative […]

Behind Her Smile by Olivia Luck ~ Live & Review & Giveaway & Excerpt

    Review: This book is the perfect example that you never know what goes on behind closed doors. You think someone has the perfect life but you are making that saying true. “When you ASSume you make an ASS out of U and ME”. I love that this book isn’t the typical hearts and […]

The Lost Slipper by Alexa Riley ~ Review

  Review: We first meet Alpha Stone in Riding Red. Of course, I was intrigued from the beginning. I love alphas! Then we meet Winnie in Beauty Sleeps. I wanted to know more about this shy girl and the obvious attraction she had towards Stone so I was oh so happy to read their story. […]

The Lost Slipper by Alexa Riley ~ Live!

        The first time Stone saw Winnie, she was alone in the woods with no memory of where she came from.   With one look, he knew something was different. When she finally came of age and her mating heat kicked in, he realized that she had always been the one.   […]

Midnight Lily by Mia Sheridan ~ Cover Reveal & Pre Order

  Synopsis~ Holden Scott is the prince of professional football. At least he was before he lost it all . . . or more to the point, before he threw it all away. Now he’s out of a job, out of the public’s good graces, and perhaps just a little out of his mind. So […]

The Last Round by Emmy L. Montes ~ Review & Excerpt & Giveaway

      Excerpt One: FLASHBACK of Julian and Natalia (High School Years) My smile brightened with each step. This should be fun. His head was bent low as his fork stabbed into a baked potato. Placing my tray down, I took a seat across from him. “If that was a living being lying on […]

The Lie by Karina Halle ~ Cover Reveal & Pre Order

        Their love led to a lie. Their truth led to the end. Scottish enigma Brigs McGregor is crawling out from the ashes. After losing his wife and son in a car accident – and, subsequently, his job – he’s finally moving forward with his life, securing a prestigious teaching position at […]

Resisting The Moon by LP Dover ~ Now Live & Giveaway

  Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon CA B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords “Can I help you?” I asked, turning to face Sebastian Lyall. His whitish-blond hair was perfectly coifed in messy spikes, his light blue, button down shirt matching the color of his eyes. The last thing I […]

Grit by Cheryl McIntyre ~ Live

Three. This is my number. The sum of reasons why I continue to go on. One: She needs me. Two: I have to protect her. And three: With her, I feel human. But the weight of a man’s secrets is a thousand pounds on his shoulders. Two thousand more on his chest. Trapping him. Crushing […]