Poet by A.M. Johnson ~ Live & Review & Giveaway!

Also in this series: Possession (Avenue Ink, #1)
Poet by A.M. Johnson ~ Live & Review & Giveaway!Also by this author: Sacred Hart
Poet (Avenues Ink, #3) by A.M. Johnson
Published by Indie on October 15, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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Melissa Trujillo knows suffering. She's tasted it, touched it, injected it. Sobriety is a gift, but it isn't enough to wash away her secrets.

Kieran O’Connell knows sacrifice. He's owned it, held it between his fingers, and felt it in his knees. Words are his freedom, and they've begun to fade.

Two different worlds, one moment and the Earth shifts—granting them a path.

His eyes meet hers. Her hand fits his.

Kieran finds his muse.

Melissa finds her new addiction.

When sin meets virtue, angels fall, and the truth, it becomes a blade. Together they’ll walk the sharp edge, but if her lies cut too deep, not even his words could save her… save them.


Well one this is for sure. A.M. Johnson creates beautifully poetic writing and the way she wrote Kieran is probably the best writing I’ve seen from her. Everything he said and did was profound and full of passion and heart. My love for him is so strong that I can’t even start the review with anything else other than him.

“She is the light, and I’m the shadow that chases her dawn.”

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed Poet. Both Melissa and Kieran are struggling with their own issues. Although on the outside, they may seem very different but deep down they are similar and equally important.

Melissa has had a rough past and she is has done everything she can to survive the additions of her past that continue to haunt her. Her story is completely relatable and I really enjoyed that we were given her point of view and the struggles of how she feels now while in sobriety. Her imagined self-worth and at many times her self-loathing can be a heard thing to overcome just by itself but adding that on top of the continued battle of fight addiction, it can be overwhelming. So I really liked how strong she was.

From the moment they met, we knew they were destined to be together. Something was calling the two of them together and the force is intense. But just like all relationships, things happen and wedges can form. It’s what you do with it when that happens that makes you who you are. And if I wasn’t already falling in love with Kieran, he sealed it with these words.

“Red is the color of my heart, and when I gave it to you…I wanted you to keep it.”

Whew. Freaking heart warming, swoon worthy and let’s be real….panty dropping. I really enjoyed Poet and I really hope everyone picks this up and gives it a chance. You’ll fall in love. Trust me. I was completely invested in their story. I’m sure you will be, too.






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About A.M. Johnson

Amanda Marie Johnson was born and raised in Valrico, Florida. She’s now surrounded by mountains with her husband and three children in Ogden, Utah. She attended Weber State University and graduated with her A.S.N. She is a full-time registered nurse. Reading and writing have always been something she is passionate about. She loves to write about the human experience, love and happily ever afters.

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