Progress by Amalie Silver ~ Release Blitz with Review & Giveaway

Progress by Amalie Silver ~ Release Blitz with Review & GiveawayProgress (Progress #1) by Amalie Silver
Published by Indie on January 15, 2016
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 259
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I admit, I didn’t think much of Charlie at first. She was rounder than the girls who usually caught my eye. Not my type. But when I saw her sitting in that booth alone, for the first time something in my mind or my instincts or my heart told me to join her.
She defied me.She challenged me.She gave me hope.Before I knew it, moving forward was my only option.

I couldn’t tell you when it happened, but it had to have been a gradual change; I never moved too quickly.
If someone would have told me earlier that year what I was going to go through, I wouldn't have believed them.
Jesse was so different from anyone I’d met before. And everyone I’ve met since. He sucked all the life out of me, in the best—and worst—ways.
We don’t get strong overnight. For most of us it takes time. Strength isn’t measured by how high and fast our walls go up, but how easily we can watch them fall.

Warning: This book contains material that might be a trigger for some readers. Abuse and rape are implied, but not described in detail. Discretion is advised.


This book surprised me. I was obviously expecting a story about two people who aren’t supposed to be drawn to each other based on stereotypical catagorizations. What I didn’t expect was a powerful story between two people who are emotionally “damaged” and mentally ill.

Charlie has been struggling with low self esteem all her life because of her weight.

“I stayed home as much as I could. The agony of knowing that every whisper I saw when I walked into a room, every snicker I heard from a distance, and every sinister word that flew from someone’s mouth were all for me, left me believing that I was hideous. Incompetent, damaged, unlovable…and unloved.” 

Jesse has been suffering from bipolar disease for the last several years. As with any mental illness, his past may or may not have contributed to it but he does have a lot things from his past that shapes who he is now. This is one of the few stories that I’ve read in while that really shows what could be going through someone’s mind during these intense shifts between mood, behavior, energy, thought process, etc.

Their story shows how these two are drawn to each other. It isn’t pretty. Both struggle, hurt each other and help each other. Both are undeniably drawn together as opposites, light and dark. I went on this emotional roller coaster with each of them. First with Charlie, then with Jesse.

I think the characters were very well developed and the story was written well. I look forward to the next book.



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About Amalie Silver

Amalie Silver resides in Minnesota with her husband, two toddlers, and German Short-haired Pointer, Saba. She consumes approximately three pots of coffee a day, and credits this for her survival over the past decade.

When not completely consumed in her writing, she can be found taking road trips to northern Minnesota, engaging in fierce Scrabble games, or reading a good book. She’s a sucker for all romance genres, literary fiction, and psychological fiction.

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