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Author: J.P. Nicholas

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I broke his heart. Now I hope he doesn’t break mine back.

Darren Gracen looks even sexier than the day I left him. Oh, and let’s not forget that panty-dropping British accent. Just being around him again is bringing back all the sweet and sinful memories we shared together. Smelling his masculine scent in the same vicinity gets me high and makes my heart flutter.

But he’s not the same man I left behind. There’s a sad, mysterious gleam in his eye. Sure, it could be that he doesn’t trust me anymore. That’s understandable, considering the circumstances of our breakup. But I can’t help but feel that it’s more than that. Like he’s hiding something behind those brooding blue eyes of his.

No matter what it is, I can’t deny it…I still want him.


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Everything in the room is tight, taut, and rigid. The air. My nipples. My voice. His cock.

“I’ve never wanted you more than I do at this moment,” He rasps out around my breast. His voice strung tight.

“Then take me,” I beg on a moan, wanting him to do just that.

He massages one breast with his mouth as he pinches the other’s nipple. I can feel the heat pooling between my legs. Blindly, his hands fumble against the button of my jeans, popping it free within seconds. I can hear the sliding of the zipper coming undone. I lift my hips, allowing his roaming hands to pull the confining denim off my person. When it falls to my ankles, I kick it off and into the air. It’s no longer my problem.

His lips trail their way down my stomach slowly. Darren makes sure to swirl his tongue around my navel before he briefly dips it inside. It was there for maybe a fraction of a second before his naughty mouth finds its way to my panties. His lips find the fabric, kissing my hotspot through them as if they’re not there. I writhe up against his tongue, begging for him to remove the barrier that separates us. He continues to tongue me through my panties, the damp fabric feels heavy against my throbbing pussy.

Once again, Darren clamps his teeth down around the hem of my panties. His nose brushes over my slit as he yanks them down my legs until they too are no longer a barrier. I throw my head back and moan as his finger rubs against my slit.

“So wet for me,” he groans in approval. “I won’t make you wait too much longer, sweetheart.”

My vision fades to black when he shoves two fingers deep inside me. I make a sound that turns into a moan as he curls the tips of his fingers upward, hitting my sweet spot just right. I grind and thrust against his hand, riding his fingers as I seek my own relief. I cry out as I explode, my muscles clamping down around them. He continues to thrust them forward through my aftershocks. I blink my eyes repeatedly, allowing my vision to return.

“Christ, I can’t hold out anymore. I need to be inside of you.” He brings his fingers to his lips, puts them in his mouth, and sucks. “So bloody delicious.”

Grabbing my ankles, he flips me over. My head rests on one of his pillows as my breasts smash against the sheets. I take a deep sniff. It smells like him and that manly scent I want to be drowned in forever. I hear clothes hit the floor in a hurry before he slowly eases into me from behind.

I purr as my muscles stretch around every inch of him, accommodating to his needs as he fills me.

“There’s no better feeling in the world than being inside you, Cherub.” His husky voice envelopes me from behind.

About J.P. Nicolas:

J.P. Nicholas has the great misfortune to be A Male Romance Writer. Turns out, men are also hopeless romantics, given half the chance, and Nicholas’ fascination with love began long before he could write. His parents—high school sweethearts who are still mad for each other—left him enamored with the idea of true love, and its ability to transform and redeem even the most jaded soul. Nicholas lives to capture this magic, lust, and passion on the page; his characters known for their sizzling chemistry and chest-squeezing plot lines.


When J.P. Nicholas isn’t tapping away at his laptop, he can be found in his home state of Florida, binge-watching This Is Us with his girlfriend, or devouring Italian food with his family. His latest novel, Just Pretend, is a friends-to-lovers drama and the first in his new Sandy Heights series, to be released in June.


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