Jingle My Balls by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

Review: First and foremost, let’s be real. How many times have you snickered when you read this title? Jingle My Balls. HAHA OMG, I have snickered EVERY SINGLE TIME. It doesn’t matter how many times I read or write it, I automatically laugh. So don’t worry, you aren’t alone if you are doing it. Now, […]

If You Were Mine by Jenika Snow ~ Live & Excerpt & Review!

          Excerpt:   DaisyPrick.Arrogant.Asshole. All of those things and more had been said about Lennon, Prince of Hemingway Court, and second in line for the throne. But I knew him, saw him daily… waited on him. Behind those blue eyes was a man who was lonely, a man who was missing […]

Her Beast, His Beauty by Jenika Snow ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

      Excerpt: I didn’t care if I was crossing lines. I didn’t give a fuck if I should have stayed away, reminding myself she was my employee. I wanted Britta like a fucking fiend needing his next fix, and I wasn’t going to deny myself. I wasn’t going to practice self-control, not when […]

His First by Jenika Snow ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

      He was huge, and it was all for me.     He got off the bed and tore at his clothes in the same manner he had mine. And when he was just as naked as I was for him, I felt my pulse jackknife in my throat, in my pussy, and felt my […]