Four Strikes by L.P. Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

Review: “The two devils at my side are taunting me with the pretty flames of hell, and all I want is to burn with them.” I swear, each installment of this series gets better and better. Just like always, there are twists and turns that you just don’t see coming. I’ve found myself emotionally all […]

Wire by L.P. Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Cover Reveal!

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Three Players by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

Review: “They push me to the point of near insanity. They leave me feeling manipulated and crazed, wanted and yet cast aside.” So here we go again. Day three out of 7. Obviously this means that if you haven’t read the first two installments in this series, then you need to do that first. Doing my […]

Kiss Me by LP Lovell ~ Live & Review & Giveaway!

   Review: First of all, I love this cover. Secondly, I love this series. If you have not read Kill Me then stop right now. You need to read that first as Kiss Me picks up where it left off and my review could possibly provide you with some spoilers. It’s no secret that I’m […]

Two Guys by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

  Review: “Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we like once the chains of moral construct are removed” Two Guys is the second installment in The Game Series and just like the first one, you are left with grabby hands, dying for the next one. And let’s be honest, it’s getting darker and darker. If […]

One Contract by LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

Review: “He seems like a beautiful devil persuading me to sign away my soul.” The blurb sounds simple but the game you are about to play through this series is not. Honesty, does it take much more than that to get you to want to read it? Two guy, one girl and a game that you can […]

War Poppy by Nicole Lynn (Stevie J. Cole & LP Lovell) ~ Live & Review & Giveaway!

    Review: I’m not even sure how to explain how much this book wrecked me. I knew from the blurb that it would be emotional but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. This book chewed me up and spit me back out. IT COMPLETELY WRECKED ME and we all know […]

Make Me by L.P. Lovell ~ Live & Review!

    Review Make Me is a very short story with a lot of insight into the heroine. It is the prequel to Kill Me  that really gives us the background of how Una became the assain that we first met. This review is going to be hard to write because I don’t want to […]

Make Me by L.P. Lovell ~ Cover Reveal!

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Kill Me by L.P. Lovell ~ Live & Review!

   Review I swear, I can’t get enough of L.P. Lovell. I’ve loved her snarky, sassy, sarcastic books lately but this book is so different and I couldn’t get enough of it. Think mafia meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There is so much drama and so much darkness mixed in with two very powerful leads. […]