Dirty Rich Betrayal by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

    iBooks → https://apple.co/2yf6Iwu Amazon US → https://amzn.to/2wdpNuT Amazon CA → https://amzn.to/2N0ykIz Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/2ORRKQC BN → http://bit.ly/2LlFvhY Signed Paperback → http://bit.ly/2wQxDeM Paperback → https://amzn.to/2PYWFzt Excerpt: He kisses me, a quick brush of lips over lips. “I need you naked. I need to feel you next to me.” He rolls me to my […]

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Review & Excerpt!

    Review: One thing is for sure. Dirty Rich Cinderella Story is dirty and I gobbled it up quickly. It is the second installment in the Dirty Rich Series but can absolutely be read as a standalone. Lori was a rising star at Stanford and nine months short of obtaining her law degree when […]

Murder Notes by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

  Excerpt: “This is getting us nowhere. Go home, Kane!” And I don’t wait for his reply. I start running for the house, my hair and clothes drenched by the time I yank open the sliding glass door and rush inside, but when I turn to shut the door behind me, Kane shoves his way […]

Poison Kisses: Part 3 by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review!

Review: Poison Kisses: Part 3 is the conclusion in the Poison Kisses Series. It cannot be read as a stand alone so please make sure you read Part 1 and 2 prior. It picks up after Part 2. I think this was the best installment for me. While I’ve liked the entire series, I liked […]

Poison Kisses: Part 2 by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review!

  Review: Poison Kisses: Part 2 picks up right after that cliffy we got in Part 1. So please note that it cannot be read as a standalone. “Wet heat consumes me until I’m buried in her, and when we look at each other, a world of hate, love and damage radiates between us, somehow […]

Poison Kisses Part 1 by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

Review: Just to be clear, this has always been designed to be a series with cliffhangers but the release dates are only one week apart. If you are someone who wants to wait until the end, there is no need. They are so close to each other. This series can be read as a standalone […]

The End Game by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review!

Review: Well, the End Game is supposed to wrap up the Dirty Money Series but much like the author, I’m not ready to let go. So I’ll hold on to hope that one day, we’ll get more of Shane and Emily. These two have been through so much together and watching them evolve into the […]

Dirty Rich One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Review!

Review: First of all, I had a lot of fun with Dirty Rich One Night Stand. If work hadn’t gotten in the way, I could have easily read it in one sitting. It was funny, captivating and freaking steamy. When arrogant Reese Summer blows past the pretty blond at the coffee shop, he had no […]

Dirty Rich One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Excerpt!

Excerpt: “You’re as perfect as I knew you would be,” he says, his voice managing to be both sandpaper and silk on my nerve endings, as he adds, “and almost as naked as I want you to be.” The idea that he has wanted me as much as I have wanted him does funny things […]

Bad Deeds by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt & Review!

  Excerpt: “What is in your head right now?” His eyes heat, darken. “You. Always.” He inches back and looks at me. “You’re mine. Mine to protect.” His voice is low, fierce, and he grips my panties and yanks them away. “Mine to fuck.” I gasp and grab his shoulders. “Shane.” His answer is to […]