The Real by Kate Stewart ~ Review

  EXCERPT: Cameron’s Mac: Hi. I looked above my laptop and took a deep breath before I accepted his invitation. Abbie’s Mac: Hi. Abbie, he’s going to wear your skin! I tried to ignore my inner voice. Cameron’s Mac: I saw you with the homeless guy. Abbie’s Mac: Ok? He took a sip out of […]

Bloodlines by M.N. Forgy ~ Live & Review

Review: Bloodlines might just be my new favorite in the Sin City Outlaw Series. Mac and Simone tugged at my heartstrings and made me fall in love with them. From a very young age, Simon was told that she would be married off to Veer. A very cold an calculating man who only wants her […]

The Elizas by Sara Shephard ~ Live & Review !

Review: The Elizas is a YA thriller that will keep your mind reeling and makes everyone seem suspect. Eliza Fontaine finds herself at the bottom of a pool, nearly drowning. When she goes on a quest to find out who she believes pushed her, she finds herself without support from her family and a world […]

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas ~ Live & Review

Review~ It’s so wrong yet nothing about this book was anything but right. “Everything felt easy. But the girl of my dreams is off-limits. She’s Cole’s, and she’s nineteen. There’s no way.” My favorite book by Penelope is Corrupt because that kind of story is just my kink as far as reading goes. This is […]

Knock On Wood by Jenika Snow ~ Live & Review & Excerpt!

Excerpt: They called me Big Johnny because of my size. At six foot seven I was a beast compared to most men—even my brothers, who were well over six feet themselves. But there was one woman who made me feel even bigger than that. Flora. I stared off as the car pulled away from the […]

This Time Around by Stacey Lynn ~ Blog Tour with Review!

  Review: This might just be my favorite Stacey Lynn books. This Time Around is beautiful and inspiring. It makes you embrace who you are and fight for what you want. And Cooper might have just made my very short list of sweet guys that I fell for. Rebecca is recently widowed and running her […]

Wrapped In My Wife by Alexa Riley ~ Live & Review!

Review: Wrapped In My Wife delivers us some of classic AR traits like an alpha and protective hero and the heroine that loves it but it’s a bit different because it’s a story that is 7 years after a couple has been married. With the twins going off to Kindergarten, Emily finds that she is […]

The Road To You by Melissa Toppen ~ Review

  “I let the wind carry my cries and the rain wash away my tears. I let it all go, knowing with complete certainty that nothing will ever be the same again.”    Review~ I have not read any of Melissa’s previous books so going into this one she is a new to me author. I […]

Her Defiant Heart by Monica Murphy ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt & Review!

  Excerpt:  “Your friends are calling you,” I finally say. He glances over his shoulder, then returns his attention to me. “They can wait.” I’m surprised he’s putting talking to me above wanting to spend time with his friends. “Well, my homework can’t.” I gesture to the open textbook by my laptop. “Nice to see […]

Jacob’s Ladder: Eli by Katie Ashley ~ Review

  Review~ I loved Katie’s Runaway Train series. We meet these guys in that series but I never really thought we would get a series out of it. I don’t know how I missed Gabe’s book (1st one in this series) but I’m going to go back and read it now. This one did just […]