Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre ~ Live & Review

  “I used to hate kissing.I used to hate it and now, with her, I never want anything else.”         Review~ Some books are great, some are ok, and then there are the ones that remind you why you are here. Why you read, blog, promote, do all the things to help […]

Dark Control by Annabel Joseph ~ Review & Excerpt

  Excerpt~ I crossed to join him on the sofa, leaving some space between us for the questions and uneasiness to fit. He put his cup on the table behind him, then reached across the space to touch the top of my knee. His fingers trailed over the place he’d grabbed me last night, lightly, […]

Outskirts by TM Frazier ~ Review & Excerpt

  Excerpt~ Sawyer My throat tightened and a heaviness grew in my chest like my heart didn’t know whether to beat faster or stop beating altogether. “Did you leave me all this to show me the life you could’ve had, but didn’t? Why!?” I pounded the wheel again and then again, and again and again […]

The Red by Tiffany Reisz ~ Review

“The devil doesn’t smile,” he said. “The devil smirks.”   Review~ I’m seriously torn on my rating for this book. I’ve been back and forth since reading it and I’m still on the fence on where to put it. I truly enjoy Tiffany’s writing. I think she has real talent and her stories always stick with […]

Tease by Ella Frank ~ Live & Review

  Read Today! (Free in Kindle Unlimited) Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2qTddg1 Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/WzagU3 Add to GoodReads: https://goo.gl/DzOR46 Start the Series Today! (Free in Kindle Unlimited) Try (Temptation #1) Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2ofZBK0 Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/4wL4UM Take (Temptation #2) Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2pjBImm Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/WiFyYN Trust (Temptation #3) Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2pgcYOT Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/4Kka5Y Review~ This series […]

By Invitation Only by Kimberly Knight ~ Live & Review

  Buy Now: Amazon- http://amzn.to/2nCeSFA Amazon UK- http://bit.ly/BIO-UK B&N – http://bit.ly/BIO-BN Kobo – http://bit.ly/BIO-Kobo iTunes- http://bit.ly/BIO-iTunes Goodreads – http://bit.ly/KK-BIO Review: Looking for a hot and sexy easy read? Then this one is for you. By Invitation Only has BDSM in it but it’s on light side. Booker is a great male lead with just enough alpha to […]

Three Players by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

Review: “They push me to the point of near insanity. They leave me feeling manipulated and crazed, wanted and yet cast aside.” So here we go again. Day three out of 7. Obviously this means that if you haven’t read the first two installments in this series, then you need to do that first. Doing my […]

Two Guys by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole ~ Live & Review!

  Review: “Sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we like once the chains of moral construct are removed” Two Guys is the second installment in The Game Series and just like the first one, you are left with grabby hands, dying for the next one. And let’s be honest, it’s getting darker and darker. If […]

American Prince by Sierra Simone ~ Live & Review & Excerpt

  American Prince, the highly-anticipated follow up to American Queen by Sierra Simone is available now!!   Excerpt: In an instant, he was on me, straddling my thighs, one hand yanking my head back so I had to look up into his face. “Don’t play games with me,” Ash warned in a low voice. “Not […]

Dirty Wife Games ~ Clarissa Wild ~ Live with Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!!

   Review: As stated, this book can be read as a standalone. The heroine does have a part in the first book but this one is completely different and barely brushed the topic of the first one. The plot is also very different than the first. I don’t really want to give too much away […]