The Elizas by Sara Shephard ~ Live & Review !

Review: The Elizas is a YA thriller that will keep your mind reeling and makes everyone seem suspect. Eliza Fontaine finds herself at the bottom of a pool, nearly drowning. When she goes on a quest to find out who she believes pushed her, she finds herself without support from her family and a world […]

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy ~ Live & Review!

Review: I’m going to be honest about two things up front. First, it’s been a very long time since I’ve read anything by Monica Murphy. Second, I’m pretty picky about young adult. Especially if they are still in high school. So I’m extremely happy to say that I devoured Pretty Dead Girls and it only […]

Always by Bethany-Kris ~ Live & Excerpt & Review & Giveaway!

  Excerpt: Catherine giggled. Her amusement faded fast. Like the second Hugh grabbed her arm in a tight grip, and stopped her from walking further. “Last name?” he asked again. She tugged her arm to free it from his grasp, but he didn’t let go. She looked down at his hand pointedly. “That’s a no.” […]

When It’s Real by Erin Watt ~ Live & Review

“Stop being afraid of life. Go out and let love take you on a journey.”   Review: I’ve struggled to write my review for this one. On one hand I do really like these two writing together and I think they do a fantastic job at it. I love the Royals series. The writing is […]

Just Like You Said It Would Be by CK Kelly Martin ~ Review

  Buy Now: AMAZON / B &N / iTUNES / KOBO / Goodreads Review: This was a new to me author and I picked it to review because the blurb caught my attention. The story was great, the dialogue was well done, I loved the music aspect of the book. My only down fall for the […]

Under The Lights by Abbi Glines ~ Live & Review

    “I want more with you than friendship, Willa. If that’s all you can give me, then I’ll accept it, but that kiss hasn’t left my mind one time since last night.”     Review I haven’t read the first book “Until Friday Night” and I don’t think that took away from anything while reading […]

Broken Prince by Erin Watt ~ LIVE! & Review

  Review NO NO NO!!!!! That is not where you leave it!!!! Gahhhhh The Royals have seriously ruined me. I was up till two reading and then finished it this morning. Reed is kicking ass and taking names. Ella is finding herself and learning how to handle her new reality. The twins? Easton? Gideon? They […]

He Loves Me Not by Tierney Fowler ~ Review

  Review What a fun light-hearted NA/YA book. It’s a sweet and short afternoon read. It only took me a couple hours to read it. This isn’t my usually pick for a book but I did enjoy it anyways. There was a few scenes and even the ending that I felt were wrapped up a […]

He Loves Me Not by Tierney Fowler ~ Live! & Excerpt

    Excerpt Looking back, Bobby hadn’t acted that different that day, or even that week. The first weird thing had happened at lunch a few weeks later. Maggie and her friends had been all sitting at their usual table with Tommy, Abby and Artie Souter— identical twins who looked like matching blond supermodels—Caroline, who […]

Paper Princess by Erin Watt ~ Live & Review

Review The synopsis I was sent for this had my intrigued even though I don’t normally read books with high school kids as the main characters. I was very interested in seeing where they went with this. I’m glad I took it. I started this last night and the first few chapters were a little […]