The End Game by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review!

Review: Well, the End Game is supposed to wrap up the Dirty Money Series but much like the author, I’m not ready to let go. So I’ll hold on to hope that one day, we’ll get more of Shane and Emily. These two have been through so much together and watching them evolve into the […]

Riot by Tillie Cole ~ Live & Review & Excerpt

Excerpt~ LUKA “The real world isn’t ready to handle our reality. How could they accept that the gulags, the drugs, and the Blood Pit are real? It is the stuff of nightmares. How could they believe that males are being raised as killers, for sport and greed? “Worse, it would surely implicate the Bratva and […]

Ravage by Tillie Cole ~ Live & Review

  Review: These books just keep getting more addicting. If that’s even possible. I think Reap is still my favorite but not by much. She did outstanding with Ravage. All of the Scarred Souls books are 5 stars and fantastic books. Diving into this world again was exciting and I couldn’t get enough. I’m kinda sad […]

Hard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Promo & Excerpt & Giveaway

Excerpt My order appears and I straighten, intending to claim my coffee and find a seat, when a pretty twenty-something brunette races forward in a puff of sweet, floral-scented perfume, and grabs it. “Miss,” I begin, “that’s—” She takes a sip and grimaces. “What is this?” She turns to the counter. “Excuse me,” she calls […]

Hard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Live & Review

   Review When I read the blurb for Hard Rules, I immediately knew it would be right up my alley. Corruption,  secrets, handsome alpha and someone to root for?  Umm….yes, please. Shane Brandon isn’t like his father and brother. What he sees as a legitimate business for both himself and the world, his family uses […]

Hard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones ~ Chapter One & Giveaway + Pre Order now available!

SPECIAL $4.99 E-BOOK PRE-ORDER PRICE! It will go up to $7.99 on release day so be sure to get it now! The print version of HARD RULES will have a bonus alternate POV scene and is on sale for 50% off on Amazon (subject to change)! –> Link: Pre-Order Links: Amazon: Barnes & Noble: iBooks: […]

Wicked Heart by Leisa Rayven ~ Live & Review

Review  “How long does it take to fall in love? A second? A week? A year? It’s like asking how long it takes to fall asleep. Some people are gone as soon as their heads hit the pillow. Others lie awake for hours, and it’s only when their brain stops churning for a while that […]

Dirty by Kylie Scott ~ Excerpt

  Excerpt   “Once upon a time,” he began, voice low and measured. “There was a princess. A beautiful, occasionally annoying princess.” “What was her name?” “Ah, Notlydia.” I frowned. “Her name is Notlydia?” “You wanted a story, I’m giving you one. Shut up.” “Whatever.” An even heavier sigh from the man. “Anyhoo, Notlydia was […]

Dirty by Kylie Scott ~ Live

Are you ready to get Dirty?   Dirty is Book One in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series is FINALLY here!   Amazon US: Amazon UK: iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo:

Twist by Kylie Scott ~ Cover Reveal

Twist  (Book Two) in the Dive Bar Series by Kylie Scott releases on November 22nd! Pre-order your copy of  TWIST here: Amazon US: iBooks: Barnes & Noble: Kobo: Are you ready to get Dirty?   Dirty is Book One in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series releasing April 19th! Pre-order your copy of […]