Bane by L.J. Shen ~ Review

“We weren’t a boy and a girl. We were two lonely, fucked-up souls. It made wanting Bane in my life acceptable. I wanted him to fix me.”   Review~ What do you get when an author pours her heart into a book all while stepping outside of her normal? Bane. You get everything this book […]

Scandalous by LJ Shen ~ Review

“You’re my Delilah, Edie, and I’m your Samson. You want to ruin me, destroy me, strip me of my power, and betray me. I should stay away from you, but I want you too fucking much. And when it’s all over, when all that’s left of us is sweaty flesh and shattered minds and torn […]

Ruckus by LJ Shen ~ Review

  Review: Dear Ruckus, You will own a piece of my heart forever. Love, Heather From the very beginning he was an ass hole that I knew there was more to then what he was showing us. He had layers and I wanted to get beneath them and find out more. He did not let […]

Defy by LJ Shen ~ Review & Giveaway

“Because that was the problem with society. It cared too much about  who you fell in love with but never about the why. The why matters. The who is irrelevant (but the band was great, so there’s that.).”   Review: When is a novella more than a novella? When it’s this one. These are usually […]

Vicious by LJ Shen ~ Review & Live & Excerpt

  Excerpt~ “You’re pissing me off,” she said quietly, her eyes still searching my face. “And that’s turning me on,” I retorted, my voice flat. “So you might wanna tone down the hate glares if you don’t wanna find yourself being fucked on this desk with the blinds still open.” I was still staring at […]