Crossroads by Chantal Fernando ~ Live & Review!

Review: I’ve been a fan of The Wild Dragon series from the start and I’v really looked forward to Ranger’s story. He’s been that one guy that we all want to know more about. We’ve hated him while secretly lusting after him. We’ve cussed at him while secretly calling to him. So needless to say, […]

Last Ride by Chantal Fernando ~ Live & Review!

Review Man, it was great to get more of Sin & Faye. While I’ve loved everyone in this series, these two will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve enjoyed getting bits and pieces of the them in the past few books but I forgot just how much I missed them until Last […]

Wolf’s Mate by Chantal Fernando ~ Live & Review

Review I really enjoy this series and have loved getting to know each of them a little bit more with each book. Rake has always been my favorite but there was always something about Vinnie that kept me interested and I always wanted more of him. I’m so happy we got his story. Vinnie owes […]

Rake’s Redemption ~ Live & Review & Giveaway

  Review I’ve been waiting for Rake’s story since we first met him. He was the typical bad playboy who seemed to have a kinky side. Who doesn’t want to see him fall hard for someone? The Rake we met and got to know in the first three books isn’t the same person that he […]

Dirty Ride by Chantal Fernando ~ Live & Review

Review: This is defiantly a fast paced book. I think the courting part of the relationship was a little rushed for my taste. With her past I would of liked to have seen her fight it a little more. It was to insta love compared to the rest of the books in this series. I […]