Taking the Fall: The Full Complete Series by Alexa Riley ~ Live & Review!

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Taking the Fall: The Complete Series by Alexa Riley
ASIN: B077V48G3K
Published by Indie on December 4, 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 434
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We’ve come a long way since Taking the Fall Volume 1 released in 2015. Since then we’ve added pieces to the puzzle as our readers demanded more! Finally, every story has been combined into one bundle.

This complete series includes:

Taking the Fall with bonus letters from Carter
Falling In - Saint and Jeanette
Fall Into Place - Mary and Anthony, with Samuel and Nika
The Final Fall - Viktor and London

Taking the Fall

Layla O’Leary has had enough. For years she has been haunted by the night she can’t remember. When she learns the only man she's ever loved has betrayed her, she escapes and crafts a new identity. She's finally free...

Carter has waited eight years to claim his woman. Locking him up only fueled his obsession. The day he gets out he's coming for her. Carter and Layla were just the start. Now he'll stop at nothing to possess what's his.

Warning: This book contains a hero who grunts and growls his way through life, a heroine nicknamed Cherry looking to lose it, and instalove so fast and hard your panties might disintegrate. Note: Not responsible for exploding panties.

Falling In

They met by chance. Or so she thought...

Losing her wasn't something he was willing to do. Sometimes life takes you to the edge, but Jeanette had a Saint to catch her.

This is the short story of how they met, how they fell in love, and how much Saint loves going down on her.

Fall Into Place

One night in Vegas. Two weddings. Four virgins.

Mary & Anthony

Mary has belonged to Anthony since the day she was born. They’ve known each other their whole lives, but he won’t touch her until she says, "I do."

Their parents' story should have been a cautionary tale, but when Mary finally agrees to Anthony’s proposal, they run away to Vegas to tie the knot.

But what do they do when things don’t go according to plan and they find themselves caught between a Russian sniper and his runaway daughter?

Easy! Lock themselves in a hotel room and pop some cherries!

Samuel & Nika

Samuel’s twin sister, Mary, is off to Vegas to marry his best friend, Anthony. Samuel’s heading to Sin City with them to give her away, but trouble in the form of a sneaky brunette stops him dead in his tracks.

Nika’s on the run, and she’s found herself backed into a corner. But she’s been trained on how to defend herself, especially against a big beast like Samuel.

From the first look he was finished and had no intention of ever letting her go.

You begged for the story of Mary and Anthony, and here it is! The final chapter in the Taking the Fall series closes with two short stories on the children of Carter, Layla, Saint, and Jeanette.

Warning: These stories are just as fierce, just as strong, and just as steamy as the rest of the series. These novellas can be read as standalones but will be enjoyed even more after reading the Taking the Fall series.

The Final Fall

After years of begging, we’ve finally given you Viktor’s story. Find out who brings the man they call The Fixer to his knees. And meet the woman who's wrapped herself around his cold heart.

Warning: This novella is the final chapter in the Taking the Fall Series. Seriously, guys, we mean it. Enjoy!


Taking the Fall Series has just about anything and everything you could ask for. It’s packed with strong alphas, virgins and insane love. I’m so happy that you not only get the series all bundled up into one but we get Viktor’s story as an amazing bonus. This series spans over two generations, giving us the love of the characters that we first meet and then getting their children’s stories as well.

Taking the Fall is the first book in the series where we are introduced to Carter and Cherry, and Saint and Jeanette. This story focuses on Carter and Cherry mostly. Carter has been in love with Cherry the moment he locked eyes on her. Danger and circumstances around that put Carter in jail, where he spends his time planning his life with Cherry. She just doesn’t know it and she’s been trying to move on from the man who made her think he wanted nothing with her. He’s probably the biggest alpha in this series. Always telling Cherry what’s going to happen and she’s going to do it and love it. It works for them he has a pretty dirty mouth on him that will make you get a bit flushed. These two are fun because in the end, every breath Cater takes is for Cherry.

Falling In is Saint and Jeannette’s story. We fell in love with them in book one and were dying for their story. Jeannette is super head strong and feisty for the most part but her past has done a bit of damage on her and she hasn’t fully healed from it yet.

Saint comes along and pushes her boundaries and forces her to accept his love. I really liked him. He’s full on alpha with probably the biggest soft spot ever. His terms of endearment and the fact that he has no problem worshiping her in public makes him probably one of the most likable heroes I’ve read in a while. He loves her crazy and fully embraces everything that she is and makes sure she knows it.

Fall Into Place is super cute. It focuses on the four main character’s children. Mary is the only daughter and one of the twins from Carter and Cherry and Anthony is the son of Saint and Jeannette. These two have been in love with each other since they were babies and Anthony wants nothing more than to marry Mary. Both are virgins and Anthony is saving himself for marriage. On a whim, Mary finally agrees to marry him and then elope in Vegas.

This one was super sweet and cute. It’s two people who were essentially born to love each other. They are completely made for each other and work in perfect harmony. Anthony has a bit of his Dad’s personality traits. He’s somewhat of an alpha but just like his Dad, he wants to shout out his love for Mary and let everyone know how much he loves and worships her.

This story also follows Samuel and Nika. Samuel is the other twin from Cater and Cherry and Nika is the daughter of Viktor, who we meet in the first book. What I liked about their story was there was a bit more drama. Samuel is hired to pick up Nika’s bounty. She’s feisty and is so much like her Dad. She swears in Russian and can land a punch just as hard as he can. While she can handle her own, she melts to Samuel and instantly knows she wants to be with him. Their story is quick and over the top, just like everyone in this series.

The Final Fall is the story that we’ve been waiting for. It gives us the background on Viktor and the woman he loves. Viktor is that tall, dark and mysterious alpha that you can’t help but love and want to know more about. The moment he locked eyes on London, he knew she was his but he didn’t think he would ever be able to keep her. So he follows her around but never talking to her. When she goes missing, he loses his mind and hunts her down. The second he finds her, she’s not going anywhere with out him. He is never letting her out of his sight.

What I liked about this one was how London could make Viktor’s rough exterior go soft with just one look. She has him wrapped around her finger and I just loved watching the way he would melt for her.

Overall, I really enjoyed Taking the Fall Series. It’s fun and sweet with just the right amount of alphas, virgins and drama. If you are looking for an escape into over the top love and men who worship and adore their women, this this is the series for you!



About Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley is two sassy friends who got together and wrote some dirty books. They are both married moms of two who love football, donuts, and obsessed book heroes.
They specialize in insta-love, over-the-top, sweet, and cheesy love stories that don’t take all year to read. If you want something SAFE, short, and always with a happily ever after, then Alexa Riley is for you!

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