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by D. Breeze

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Sex is not ‘routine’ any more. There are sex shops decorating the high-street, free porn all over the internet and let’s not even get started on the new BDSM phenomenon. So when things get a little ‘stale’ in the bedroom, what would you do?
Carlie made a suggestion; a suggestion I wanted nothing to do with at first, but she was my wife and I’d have done anything to make her happy. I went along with her plan, even though I really didn’t want to.
It actually worked, for a while.
Until something changed.
Then I wasn’t doing it for her anymore.
Instead, it was all about secret liaisons, stolen moments and the thrill of getting caught.
My life changed overnight and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Lust is an unstoppable emotion when it takes hold.
Rules are broken.
Mistakes are made.
Lives are destroyed.
Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes, that wish can come true.
Zachary Black was her wish.
…Until he became mine.



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About D. Breeze

D Breeze (Danielle/Dannii) was born and raised in Coventry, England. She’s a Mum of two and is a total romantic at heart.
Danielle wanted to write since the day she could hold her own pen and she hasn’t stopped making up stories since. She writes love stories – from puppy love, to the darker side and everything in between.

Her first book – Surreptitious – was released in 2013, followed swiftly by Resist, part 2 of the London Series, Everybody’s Somebody and after a years break, Fake, part 3 of the London series was released in 2015.

You never know what you’re going to find when you open the door into the mind and imagination of D Breeze but hopefully you’ll love every page

You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. Comments and conversation are always encouraged. 🙂

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