Viole[n]t Obscurity – Part One of the Violent Duet by Megan D. Martin ~ Live


Title: Viole[n]t Obscurity – Part One of the Violent Duet

Genre: Dark Romance

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Aaron Whitman is my patient. That’s all.

The murky words in his skin don’t call to me.

His twitchy gray eyes don’t make me desire more than I should.

He’s my patient.

I’m his psychiatrist, Dr. Adeline Violet.

I’m in control.

I’m fine.

Why are you worried?

I can help him. I can cleanse his sadistic tendencies.

He’s my patient. Don’t you know?

Maximum security Ward Z at Silent River Psychiatric Hospital for Violent Criminals is our home.

He’s just my patient.

I promise.


About Megan:

Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student, editor, and history lover.
In her spare time Megan plays video games with her incredibly sweet son, buys fish for her many fish tanks, and has long talks with Gandaldore (the little writing wizard that sits on her desk.) She is well known for losing her keys and has more than one nerdy tattoo.
Megan lives in North Texas with her wonderful husband and son.

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